TechPublishing Now MS Certified

TechPublishing Now MS Certified
Professor Robert McMillen, MBA Microsoft Certified Trainer and Solutions Expert

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I missed all my meetings and appointments today. We even had to change the recording of the radio show because I got sick yesterday. Now, normally this isn't interesting news, but it's how it happened.
I went in for my weekly allergy shots on Monday. I get shots to not sneeze around my wife's dogs. I say her dogs because I would rather not have anything that makes me so miserable around the house.
But, that's another story.
While I'm getting the shots I think that it would be a good time to get a flu shot. I've been getting them every year for the past few years without incident.
I filled out the forms and got the allergy shots and the flu shot at the same time. Within a few hours my immune system went absolutely nuts.
I felt like I've had an allergy attack and the flu all at the same time. Sore throat, aches, sneezing like crazy, runny nose. Except for the nose the I ran through each symptom in just a few hours.
Here I am 36 hours later with just a runny nose.
That will teach me to try to be efficient. Back to work tomorrow.