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TechPublishing Now MS Certified
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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Apple will stop making Macintosh?

Rumors are swirling around Apple as the Macintosh division is emptying out according to our sources. They are moving over to other new and exciting projects that actually make money, or will soon like the Apple car. That will likely mean the end of Macintosh. 

Apple has never really cracked the 10% saturation point with personal computers so it would make sense that it's time to stop making the Mac. Mac was my first personal computers in the days when PCs were called IBM clones and Apple computers were just Macs.
I loved it because I didn't have to be a programmer to use it.
I tried a short stint with Basic on a Timex Sinclair and hated it.

So why do I not have a problem with Apple killing off the Mac? Since I use computers in the enterprise clients with Macs drive us crazy. It is like putting a Chevy engine in a Ford car. Yes you can get it to work,  but it will never work correctly.

There are non stop problems with errors, timeouts, and the worst is that Apple locks down the speed to 20 Mbs no matter how fast your connection is.

If they want to keep it as a home computer that is fine by me, but I  hope it does a horrible death soon in companies that use them. Nothing can repay the hours of banging my head over Apple's incompetence. 

Monday, October 12, 2015

How about Dell buying HP's computer business?

Dell has done very well after going private. HP has not done so well staying public. Dell bought EMC which is great for EMC. EMC would have collapsed eventually otherwise. Why? because SMB and Mid Market are not buying them anymore. They are going to the cloud. Enterprise will still buy them if they have a compelling reason to not move to Amazon or Azure's cloud.

HP hasn't been able to figure out what people or businesses want in the computer industry since Fiorina took over Compaq.  They are only making money in the consulting business, so dump it like IBM did on Lenovo (which BTW Lenovo is doing horribly with that decision).

The thing is that Dell would be the perfect buyer. Michael Dell still knows how to sell computers and he would be the only one who could save it in America. Some Chinese companies could also keep it going but won't do it as well.

Now that IBM have figured out that service is the only way to go let's go back and find out how that happened. IBM bought the Management and Consulting services division at PriceWaterhouse before the merger with Cooper and Lybrand. They did that after Anderson Consulting was forced to split up their consulting practice from their audit practice after getting caught in the middle of the Enron scandal. They were burning the paperwork like Nazis at the end of WW2. I don't say that lightly either. The Nazis killed millions of people, but Enron, assisted by Anderson, ruined the lives of countless people and burned their retirement savings. This caused millions of people to die early deaths from stress and poverty. Yet we didn't hang any of them. Pity.

I am glad I was able to restore the email files from the Enron criminals that helped put them away. And that is your six degrees of separation for the day.