TechPublishing Now MS Certified

TechPublishing Now MS Certified
Professor Robert McMillen, MBA Microsoft Certified Trainer and Solutions Expert

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Inbound GMail issues

If you have anyone with inbound Gmail problems I found out that if they have Exchange 2003, and the Intelligent Message filter turned on, you have to have it a level of 6 or higher. Otherwise it will be rejected. There won't be any message in your server, but the sender will get a generic reject notice.

Friday, July 2, 2010

How to see what ports are open and listening

I came across an issue with my server not listening on 3389 for terminal server access after the last update bombed the computer. I wasn't sure if the issue was because of a conflicting port so I ran the following command from a prompt:
netstat -a -o
That tells me what ports the server is listening on following by a PID number off to the right.
Then I ran:
tasklist /svc
This ties the PID to the task or service running it. Now I can see what is trying to use the port and resolve the conflict.