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TechPublishing Now MS Certified
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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Don't feel bad for Sony

Months ago Sony was hacked and caused them a huge loss with the Playstation unit when it was taken down for over a week, again.
People started feeling bad for Sony and their PS4's started outselling the Xbox One.
I personally don't think you should feel bad for Sony. Their former CEO called Americans "Lazy" among other things.
They created a virus on their music CDs, when people used to buy that stuff. The virus would activate when you put the disc in your computer so you wouldn't copy their music. It was so good that many of the advanced virus threats we have today were built on that virus written several years ago.
Now they have purchased a a company that is a gaming service called OnLive. They are grabbing the patents and shutting down the service. Not only that but they have no plans to refund anyone for what they have prepaid for the gaming service. I think the FTC will have something to say about that.
No more feeling sorry for them. Their lax security cost millions of people their identities, and they are acting just like many of Putin's oligarchs.