TechPublishing Now MS Certified

TechPublishing Now MS Certified
Professor Robert McMillen, MBA Microsoft Certified Trainer and Solutions Expert

Sunday, May 30, 2010

More Studying!

I am now studying for the 70-647 Microsoft Enterprise test. It seems to be similar to the 649 so hopefully it won't be that big of a stretch.
I noticed a couple things about SSTP VPN this week. A couple of weeks ago I posted a config on how to set it up. I noticed a couple of problems since then. On Windows 2008 R1, there is a bug thta keeps this form working. I haven't figured out why yet, but I will. On R2 it works just as I had explained, but on Vista computers you may have to add a regsitry command that Microsoft recommends.
On Vista I can connect to the SSTP VPN but I can't pass any traffic. Microsoft says to do this:
  1. Start Registry Editor (Regedit.exe).
  2. In Registry Editor, locate the following registry key:
  3. Set the following registry value:
    Value Name: IPEnableRouter
    Value type: REG_DWORD
    Value Data: 1
    A value of 1 enables TCP/IP forwarding for all network connections that are installed and used by this computer.
  4. Quit Registry Editor.
I made these changes and it works great. Give it a try.